GAZYVA (obinutuzumab) dosing schedule 

GAZYVA CLL-11 Cycle Dosing

First-Line CLL 6-cycle dosing schedule

GAZYVA (obinutuzumab) is administered in 6 treatment cycles, each 28 days in duration 1

  • Each dose of GAZYVA is 1,000 mg administered intravenously with the exception of the first infusions in Cycle 1, which are administered on Day 1 (100 mg) and Day 2 (900 mg)
  • Chlorambucil should be given 0.5 mg/kg orally on Days 1 and 15 of Cycles 1-6

GAZYVA is infused once per 28-day cycle, with the exception of Cycle 1

GAZYVA CLL-11 Dosing Schedule Chart
  • If a planned dose of GAZYVA is missed, administer the missed dose as soon as possible and adjust dosing schedule accordingly
  • If appropriate, patients who do not complete the Day 1 Cycle 1 dose may proceed to the Day 2 Cycle 1 dose