GAZYVA (obinutuzumab) Dosing Schedule in Previously Untreated FL

  • Patients who achieve a complete or partial response to the initial 6 or 8 cycles of GAZYVA treatment in combination with chemotherapy should continue on GAZYVA 1,000 mg as monotherapy every 2 months for up to 2 years
  • If a planned dose of GAZYVA is missed, administer the missed dose as soon as possible. During GAZYVA and chemotherapy treatment, adjust the dosing schedule accordingly to maintain the time interval between chemotherapy cycles. During monotherapy, maintain the original dosing schedule for subsequent doses. Monotherapy should be initiated approximately 2 months after the last induction dose of GAZYVA

Administer GAZYVA with one of the following chemotherapy regimens 1:

  • Six 28-day cycles in combination with bendamustine
  • Six 21-day cycles in combination with CHOP, followed by 2 additional 21-day cycles of GAZYVA alone
  • Eight 21-day cycles in combination with CVP