How and when am I given GAZYVA?

GAZYVA is given as an infusion. This means it goes directly into your vein through a needle in your arm. You’ll get your treatment with GAZYVA at the clinic or infusion center.

GAZYVA is given for a total of 6 cycles, or rounds of treatment. Each cycle will last 28 days. Treatment occurs only on certain days of each cycle and that is usually followed by several weeks of rest and recovery. This means that most people will complete their GAZYVA treatment in about 6 months.

Each dose of GAZYVA is the same except for the first two days of Cycle 1. This is done to help reduce side effects you may have during the infusion. Some patients may have side effects during the infusion process. Please refer to the safety information section for more information about these reactions.

GAZYVA Patient CLL Takeaway Indication

Below is the chart that shows when you should receive GAZYVA.

GAZYVA Patient CLL Cycle 1 Dosing Chart
GAZYVA Patient CLL Cycles 2-6 Dosing Chart
  • For Cycles 2 through 6, you will receive GAZYVA on the first day of each cycle (once every 28 days)
  • You should receive chlorambucil on Day 1 and Day 15 of Cycles 1 through 6
GAZYVA Patient CLL Takeaway if You Miss a Dose