What results have been seen with the GAZYVA regimen?

GAZYVA clinical study

The GAZYVA based regimen was studied in a trial of more than 1,200 patients with follicular lymphoma.

  • Patients enrolled in the trial were given the GAZYVA based regimen or rituximab product-based regimen, another type of antibody-based treatment. The GAZYVA based regimen was GAZYVA + chemotherapy (bendamustine, CHOP, or CVP) followed by GAZYVA alone, in patients who responded. The rituximab product-based regimen was rituximab product + chemotherapy (bendamustine, CHOP, or CVP) followed by rituximab product alone, in patients who responded
  • Patients studied had stage II bulky, III, or IV follicular lymphoma

Goal of the clinical study

  • The main goal of this study was to measure the length of time people lived without their follicular lymphoma getting worse (progression-free survival*)

Results of the study

Patients were observed for an average of 38 months. Fewer patients had worsening of disease with the GAZYVA based regimen compared with patients who received the rituximab product-based regimen.

The results highlighted below were from a clinical trial and may not be the same as what you experience. 

*In the clinical trial, progression-free survival event was defined as disease progression or death.