GAZYVA is a type of antibody therapy that targets and attaches to the CD20 proteins found on CLL cells and some healthy blood cells.

Once attached to the CD20 protein, GAZYVA is thought to work in different ways, including:

  • By helping your own immune system destroy the cancer cells
  • By destroying the cancer cells directly

In addition, GAZYVA can also harm healthy cells in your body.

Starting treatment with GAZYVA

On the days you receive GAZYVA, you should expect to spend most of the day at the clinic or infusion center.

Your doctor may have you take medications one hour before you begin taking GAZYVA. Your doctor may refer to this kind of medication as premedication.

Common premedications include:

  • Acetaminophen
  • Antihistamines
  • Steroid medications

Taking the suggested medication before treatment may reduce the chance of possible side effects during your GAZYVA infusion. Be sure to check with your medical team about the proper premedication you should take before receiving GAZYVA.